Commercial Hosting:

Commercial Hosting clients have unique needs for their specific organization or business. RangerOps LLC prides itself on its ability to deliver a suite of services to assist our clients in maintaining their site in accordance with their evolving needs.


RangerOps LLC provides a strong connectivity solution for the most demanding requirements, yet prices its services aggressively. If you have a site you would like us to host, please feel free to contact us and let us know what your needs are.

       Resources Available:

  • Dedicated, Secure E-commerce Server.
  • Redundant resources and connectivity.
  • A large suite of military domain names available for use.
  • A sophisticated website development capability.
  • Blogging tools, e-mail, calendars, content management sites, and more.


      Content Affiliate

Content Affiliate Partners are individuals who are established military authors with an interest in non-traditional publishing. RangerOps LLC has reserved a large suite of high-quality military subject matter domain names for use. If you are currently hosting a historical or current-even military site somewhere else, turn to RangerOps LLC for a strong identity and developer support.

Our objective is to assist you in presenting your information in a professionally maintained technical and graphical environment and to encourage the growth and maturation of your site over time.

You provide your knowledge as a military veteran and the ability to conduct quality accredited and documented source research.

We currently have a few website in development and are recruiting authors and other content developers who have experience or materials covering the following subject matter:

  • Airborne Operations: Jumpmasters, HALO, Aircraft Crews
  • Indirect Fire: Mortar, Artillery, Naval Gunnery, Forward Observers
  • Medical: Medics
  • Firearms: Military/Law Enforcement, Close Quarters, Long Range, Fundamentals
  • U.S. Military development.

Request Content Affiliate Information

Our Content Affiliate Partnerships are serious affairs and are reserved for credentialed authors or military subject matter experts. Some of the very good subject matter experts contacting us are subject matter experts as a result of their participation in creating military history.

These relationships can be profitable experiences for both of us. If you have an interest in such a non-traditional publishing opportunity, your next best step is to contact the RangerOps Staff.

Simply complete the linked form HERE, and we will be in touch with you.

Thank you.

Hosted Site

If you would like to be added please contact us.

  • The Ranger Quartermaster
  • Army Ranger
  • Best Ranger
  • Ranger Expeditions
  • 75th Rangers - Black Beret (The original)

More sites in development.