Design Philosophy

The staff at RangerOps LLC has been involved in website development for many years. We work in partnership with our clients to create a stunning and unique look on each project. This extends to RangerOps LLC properties, sites developed in partnership with others, or a property wholly owned by our client.


Interact and Connect

The internet represents opportunity, but only for those who understand that it must transcend into the physical spaces in which we ourselves reside. It may be a living, breathing, wonderful digital thing to many persons, but if it cannot impact your life in some way where a meaningful physical connection is developed, then the results obtained will be limited.

Inject Realism

The Internet is a tool used to deliver data. It also is an avenue upon which others may interact, either with you or with each other. It is critical to validate your ideas prior to investing that one unrecoverable resource, time. Gone are the days of "if you built it they will come." If there is no marketing plan for your site, there will be very few people with an awareness of it. Pay proper attention to that aspect first, then plan your site to create mutually beneficial interaction between your marketing methods, site presentation and visitor interaction.

Self-critique and Improve

If you have a strong desire to develop a strategy which connects several facets of your organization's operation, both on and off the Internet, then we are definitely interested in meeting you. If you can't see how this can be accomplished with your specific project, it may be a worthwhile investment to hire us as a consultant first, and developer second. To sum things up here, your development process should focus on creating mutually supporting business opportunities as much as it should on creating stunning graphics.

Strong Concepts and Stunning Execution. Real World Integration. We can assist you in executing your plan and achieving tangible results. Our specific areas of expertise are design, e-commerce, database development and project management within the framework of military and law enforcement related subject matter.

We can assist you with adding or developing your sites with today's social media: Facebook, Twitter and blogging sites are here. We can help you install them, setup them up and let you create, explore and enjoy.

If you got a site to develop need assistance setting up a site and desire to work with a multifaceted team, please contact us.


Executed Designs

RangerOps LLC has completed the site listed below which are available for your perusal. If you are interested in RangerOps hosting or developing a site for your business, please contact us. was developed for the Ranger Community. The original site was developed over an eight month periord for the enjoyment of the Ranger Community. The site has several features and also is driven by submissions from visitors. Over the years, has evolved into one of the largest online Ranger communities. Currently, is part of Army Ranger Mojo Inc., a non-profit and tax-exempt organization supporting past, present and future Ranger.

The site not only features an interactive forum, but valuable resources gathered over the years. Most questions asked about Rangers can be found within Follow Army Ranger on Facebook - RLTW


Ranger Quartermaster

The Ranger Quartermaster site featuring Ranger gear. Currently the Ranger Quartermaster is the host of Ranger Scroll stickers, Ranger Tabs and the Ranger Cure Bumper Sticker. Ranger Quartermaster can also be found on facebook - Ranger Quartermaster on Facebook


John D. Lock

This site is for the author John D. Lock, Army Ranger and Author, who seeks out those stories that have either been passed over by the other authors, or in his view, have not had adequate elaboration. John's goal is to educate and to provoke thought while seeking to entertain his readers, largely focusing on military subject matter and the stories that lay within that realm.


Timothy G. Davis

Tim Davis could very well be the next Tom Clancy. Tim's experiences in Special Operations heavily influence the realism of his works of fiction, which blend real world probabilities, accurate tactical and technical aspects of operations and political intrigue. The third world, no-holds-barred aspects of his plots will grab and hold your attention.


Ranger School, The Book

The book Ranger School was written by Brace Barber to provide graduates of the school opportunity to look back at their own experience while enduring the rigors of Ranger School and more importantly as an objective study of the lessons of leadership provided by the United States Army Ranger School. An excellent reference for those looking to attend Ranger School in the future as well.


Army Range Black Beret

This site was developed for one purpose and one purpose only, to assist United States Army Rangers in preserving their history, specifically, the time-honored tradition of achieving difficult standards before wearing the Black Beret. The Black Beret has been the Rangers mark of distinction since Korean War Rangers first wore them in 1951. The Chief of Staff of the Army announced that all soldiers would wear the Ranger's Black Beret on June 14, 2001.

The site has been preserved at for informational purposes.


Ranger Marketing

This site was developed for Ranger Marketing, home of the Airborne Ranger Motorsport Team. Present Joe Cypher is a veteran of 2/75 Ranger Regt., and driver of the Airborne Ranger Monster Truck.


Ranger Infantry Companies (Airborne) of the Korea War

RICA - Ranger Infantry Companies of the Korea War. We support our Korean War Ranger Brothers in their organizational endeavors.


International Latino Gang Investigators Association

The mission of the ILGIA is to respond to proliferation of Latino gangs in the United States and abroad, to increase gang awareness, and to facilitate a cooperative effort between law enforcement and supporting agencies to combat gang activity everywhere.


The friends and coworkers of the Leverton family have established this website to collect donations and ease some of the financial stress. Marty was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer -Marty was diagnosed on July 31, 2012 with chondrosarcoma of the cricoid cartilage.